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FIFA Soccer 10 (2009)

August 9, 2010


8/10 Cheeky Goals

Warning: This review might contain a lot of criticism of the United States for not enjoying the sport of football as it should be enjoyed.  For the sake of the article, and any confusion, I will continue on by referring to the sport as “soccer” and not football or futbol.

Many might not believe this, but FIFA gives EA Sports the most revenue out of any of their games.  Sure, we can’t ignore the fact that it is sold all over the world (this being the world which views soccer as the best and most watched sport in the world), and their other titles, such as Madden, NHL 10, or NBA Live, probably don’t sell much outside the United States.  But, don’t get me wrong, their sales aren’t coming just from the popularity of the sport, as it game it deserves to have high sales.  EA Sports doesn’t usually come out with badly developed games, but the progression of the FIFA games have been extraordinary.

I’m guessing most people have not played FIFA ’96 or FIFA: Road to World Cup ’98, since that was before soccer was cool to follow in the United States, but those games already had great gameplay.  Every year that a new FIFA game comes out, I wonder how it can get better the next year, how can EA Sports make the graphics, the controls, the sound, the anything of the game any better.  Obviously, somehow, they do it.  FIFA 10 has probably the best controls and best movement than any previous game.  They really do put a lot of work in to make perfect what already seemed perfect the year before.  I mean, I won’t ignore FIFA ’08, which I believed to be a terrible game with many flaws, but that was after a lot of change from the previous game and too much change brough about a bad game.  At least they got it right the next year.

FIFA 10 includes over 500 teams, which are either from 31 leagues from around the world or the 41 national teams that you can play with.  This is a great boost to their game, and I can’t say how this fares in other nations, but I doubt anyone in the United States has used a team from 25 of those leagues.  Anyone ever heard of the team Notts County F.C.? I’m guessing no, and they got first place in the Football League One from England (this is two leagues lower than the English Premier League).  I will put money on it that no more than a handful of people have ever used this team on FIFA.

Alright, back to the gameplay.  This new FIFA has the best controls out of any that I have played, and many agree with me.  The smooth moves with the ball by your feet, the movement off the ball, and even the passing have all been made close to perfect.  You can easily place the ball where you want it, and calling your player to move up for the ball is just a button away (and this time they actually listen and make a run).  Each player actually shows their prowress with the ball in this game, and they show off the skills that they actually obtain in real life.  You won’t see a player like Walter Samuel pulling off too many moves in this game, they know he doesn’t have the skills to do more then beat the crap out of forwards and protect the keeper.  If you want to test the touch in this game, mess around with your player during the opening of the game (where you can shoot on goal), you will see that there is a large number of tricks to pull off.  I have practiced these moves a lot and you can really have a lot of fun with it, you can make your juggling look something like this if you really try.  And if you ever get into penalty kicks with your buds, try out the Zinedine Zidane shot (I mean his cheeky PK, not his headbutt).  “El Loco” Abreu tried it out in the World Cup, you should too, all you have to do is hold L1 while you shoot the penalty (I’m sure most people don’t remember his shot, but it was during the best game of the tournament… try to guess which?).

Manager mode, virtual pro, and ultimate team are all great modes, but nothing too entertaining if you ask me.  They can take up some time, but nothing is better than a great challenge between pals in FIFA.  At times you might not have someone to play with, but that’s when you pick up a FPS and wait to kick the ball around virtually.  Playing a league can actually be fun, playing a match or two a day, but it still doesn’t compare to taking on your buddy.

This game really does keep getting better and better every year.  FIFA ’11 should be coming out in a couple months, and we should expect nothing better then perfection from this game.  I know, the World Cup is already over, so Americans probably won’t care about soccer for another 4 years, but maybe seeing one of their favorite players on the cover of the game might make them buy it.  Who knows, EA Games might put Landon Donovan on the cover again, he’s good right?  I mean, as long as they don’t go with Franck Ribery, they shouldn’t go down in sales.

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  1. nico permalink
    August 13, 2010 11:18 am

    PES 2010 is still the better game in human vs human games, i dont know why you dont realize it. i wanna try fifa 11 for wii tho .

    • August 13, 2010 6:50 pm

      Haha, you know I have admitted that Pro Evolution Soccer and Winning Eleven are better games than FIFA.. But, you have to remember I am in the U.S. and here it is all about the FIFA, haha, they don’t even try to play the other games (even though they are obviously better games).
      I’ll review those soon, and I’m definitely buying FIFA 11 when it comes out, so I’ll be reviewing that one also.
      I might do a battle between PES and FIFA, and see which is better.

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