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ModNation Racers (2010)

June 1, 2011


8/10 Wannabe-Sackboy Racers

Another weird day. I know today is supposed to be a new release review, but again, I just started this whole process over again and my GameFly isn’t set up yet. So, the newest release I got: ModNation Racers (as you could tell from the title of this post… obvi). Frankly, this is one of the best games I have played in a while. The racing is fun, creating characters and beating the career mode is fun, but really, this game is just a great multiplayer with awesomely fun races online. So, when it comes down to it, the game is good, the multiplayer/online content makes it great.

I won’t spend too much time describing the game, because like all racing games, you just race. Duh! In ModNation you also get attacks, like any other non-serious racing game would have, which you can power up to three different levels. Using the right ones and finding power ups takes skill, but that all comes with play-time. The game features a story mode (which is fun to play, but the cut-scenes are SO annoying to watch), online racing, multiplayer racing, and creation stations. Pretty basic stuff, but once you start playing, it will consume you.

To follow the footsteps of LittleBigPlanet, you can create almost anything. And I literally mean, anything. You can change your racer to be anything from Iron Man, to Leonardo.. the Ninja Turtle, of course. Also, you can create some awesome cars, my favorite being The General Car Insurance one (couldn’t find a picture, but play online and you will find him). And the tracks that some people create will straight up amaze you. Almost like that feeling you got when you opened up the online content for LittleBigPlanet, you know the feeling, the “holy shit, how does someone have the time and ability to create such a master piece!” Yeah, that feeling.

So, since this game can be comparable to LittleBigPlanet so much, I decided to have them duel to the death. We can judge on character creations, maps, and all-around possibility for fun for the game.

LittleBigPlanet (LBP) vs. ModNation Racers (MNR)

1. Characters: Both these games give the player an amazing ability to make anything and anyone you want. MNR gives you the chance to make both the racer and the car, which is a plus for them, but the overall graphics (which obviously impacts the creations) goes to LBP. I am not talking about the maps (I’ll talk about those next), but the characters in MNR just lack texture, which gives LBP the edge. Although cars can be made pretty cool looking, I still think that the character is what matters most. Sure, in both games you can create anyone you’d like, go make your Nana if you want, but LBP will give you the ability to make wrinkles on that sad face of hers, while MNR will only allow you to give her a crazy hair-do which will only look like an awkward helmet-hair-thing.

Winner on characters: clearly LittleBigPlanet

2. Maps: With creating maps, I have not been able to succeed in either game. That might be my lack of commitment to the task, since I really never had the time to create some of the things other kids have been able to make, but either way, kids can create freaking statues of Davids out of these map creators. And the background imagery and the graphics for both the levels in LBP and the tracks on MNR are just breath taking. Again, texture is a huge plus for LBP, but when you are racing around an amazon or jumping a huge cliff in MNR, it’s all just as amazing. I’m coping out here, but I think this is a tie.

Winner on maps: Tie

3. Fun: Again, this might be a tie, but let me think out loud here. MNR took over my dorms television time pretty quickly, but I think that was mostly because everyone is so competitive and this has great multiplayer capabilities. LBP was not a huge hit in groups, mostly because different skill levels warrants different speeds on the levels (so, let’s just say people got tired of me running around the maps and them getting left behind to pop). Although I was never disappointed playing the story mode for LBP. But if you take these two different aspects, I guess MNR wins, because there are more people having fun with the game. But then again, there won’t always be a group of people trying to play the game…… I’m stuck.

Winner on fun: huge mental bust, both these games are a blast.

So, in the end, LittleBigPlanet squeaks out the win, solely on how cute their little Sacks are, err, I mean Sackboys. But don’t count out ModNation Racers, this game has so much potential and it will liven up a room just as much as Mario Kart once did. Sure, it does not have the classic edge to it, but when people pick the controller up and take a couple of laps, like I said before, it will consume you. Just take this: I got this game from GameFly, kept if for about a month and a half (usually I keep the games for two weeks, enough time to beat them), and once I finally got rid of it for a new game, my roommate went out and bought it for himself because he couldn’t live without it. If that doesn’t make you want to try it, then I don’t know what will.

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  1. June 1, 2011 12:08 pm

    I played the full game trial of this from PS+ recently, and this seemed like a fun enough kart racer. I am really digging the “create/play/share” idea that has been rolling out in so many genres lately… can’t beat the sense of community provided.

    • June 2, 2011 12:04 am

      I love the create/play/share idea also. I mean, I can’t create much, but there really are some amazing player-created works out there. It’s fun seeing what some kid hanging out in his basement can create.

  2. June 3, 2011 9:25 am

    I always manage to hype myself up by thinking i’m going to create something legendary. Turns out, either my laziness kicks in or I just never get around to it.

    Awesome game either way though

    • June 5, 2011 9:02 am

      I do the same thing. I get all excited to create some crazy levels I have conjured up in my mind, and then it never happens.

  3. nico permalink
    June 12, 2011 10:04 am

    im only going to play this game because you reviewed it and it looks fun as hell. if you hadnt reviewed it, i would have probably never heard of this game. see ya soon bro.

    • June 13, 2011 10:19 pm

      It’s a lot of fun, and I would love to F you up in this game when I go visit, haha.

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