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And the winner for how long until PSN gets hacked again is…

June 8, 2011

It’s easier than boning my mom???

Hey! Fabiola is a saint! But no, really, you were all wrong, PNS got hacked this past week, yet again. Since we’re on the subject, let’s talk about this a little bit. Sony got SCREWED hard. 77 million users got their info stolen, and Sony is now down millions and millions of dollars. When the accounts were hacked, this means credit card info was taken, all game achievements lost (yes, this is very important to people), and PSN was shut down for months now.

So, what is the result of all of this? First, Sony needs to revamp their security system, which doesn’t seem to be working since they keep getting hacked every other week. Second, they need to deal with lawsuits and things of that matter for the customers that were effed in the processes. And third, they need to somehow get the millions of fans back on their side, which will be pretty hard. Although, Playstation is doing a great job with that, since I recently got the email telling me that because of all these problems I get a bunch of stuff for free. I think it was like 3 games, a crap load of downloadable content, and things like that.


It’s easier than boning your mom: 5 votes (haha, funny guys…)

I just hacked it again: 2 votes (I think I found the culprits!)

Few months: 1 vote

This weekend: 0 votes (oo, so close, yet no one got it)

Two weeks: 0 votes (probably another right answer, we’ll see next week)

Personally, I believe it will take Sony a long time to get this all figured out. From what I’ve been reading, they are having a tough time dealing with the hackers, the bad guys seem to always be a step ahead. Now, it seems like the hackers are just doing it for fun, they are actually dangling info in Sony’s face to kind of be like “hey look, we can do it againn, na na na na boo boo.” Who’s had the worst year ever you ask? Well, it sure isn’t Arnold and his baby-mama-drama and I wouldn’t say it’s Macho Man (R.I.P. brotha), it is most certainly Sony and PSN for getting hacked more times than your mom has given some old, gross sailor a dirty sanchez. Boom!

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