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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)

June 9, 2011


4/10 Super Let Downs

I played this game a long time ago, and ever reviewed it already for my college’s newspaper, but when I saw it on my saved drafts, I decided to let out some anger by bashing this terrible game. Let me start by saying that the 4 points I’m awarding this game is for being true to the characters. Sure, it is a terrible game, but being able to handle Gambit or Deadpool is fun any way. But then again, let me stop there and remind people who checking out the vast variety of characters can only be fun for so long, once you remember how boring the game is, then you change characters and start again.

Trying out characters is the only reason why I have this game more than 2 hours of game time, because if it was anything but super heroes, I wouldn’t have played passed the first level. I remember Game Informer, IGN, and those better known video game reviewers gave MUA2 passing grades, and that is why I never trust what they say. To sum it up: this game lacks plot, the game play is childish, and the graphics aren’t good enough to make up for these unacceptable characteristics of the game.

I started playing this game with high expectations. Most previews of this game said it would be a million times better than the first one, it would be the game of the year, and it would break barriers. But here is the truth: it did none of that. The game started and I was thrown into a frenzy of enemies and button smashing. MUA2 began with random fighting, and after two hours of playing I still had no idea why I was fighting or what I was fighting for. Some lady tries to explain missions and reasons for fighting, but none of it made sense and wasn’t interesting enough to pay attention to it. After some time, you are just getting thrown into different levels, smashing buttons until everything is dead, and you move on to the next level. Big woop.

The game play is also nothing like what I expected. The pre-game news talked a lot about a new way of going about adventure games, co-op would be amazing, and the game play would pull you in for hours. There were supposed to be teamwork and strategies to the fighting, but once I realized that I could stare at my phone and text with one hand while pressing X over and over again with the other and still beat the level, I realized that this game is pointless. Button mashing is my most hated characteristic in a game, and Ultimate Alliance 2 is only smashing.

Just so I don’t start ranting about button-mashing, let me just repeat myself: button mashing is my most hated characteristic in a game. It makes the game boring, lame, and childish. When you can literally not watch the game and smash the controller against your face, and still win, then you should just smash your face into a wall and save your money.

The graphics are passable, sure, but it is nothing great or extraordinary. You see some cool moves from the super heroes, and all the different choices of characters are cool, but it doesn’t make up for how lame the game is. You have a large variety of heroes, from Spiderman to Gambit, to Thor, and even Venom and Deadpool, but like I said before, seeing the different characters is the only fun part about the game (well, that is if you’re a super hero nerd, like some of us).

I know this is an old game, and I’m sure most people have heard about this game, but I just wanted to let out some steam and get rid of one of the many drafts I have saved on here. It’s not relevant, but most of the stuff I write isn’t anyway. So, if you read this, and you were thinking “hey, I want to get a cheap game about super heroes,” don’t buy this one. It will lead you through a hard to follow story while you mind-numbingly just bash your controller. Want to see the cool characters in this game? Just look them up on the internet and wait for a better super hero game to come out (although I doubt that would happen any time soon… let’s just cross out fingers).

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  1. June 12, 2011 8:30 pm

    It’s always refreshing to see reviews for older titles. I haven’t played either of the MUA games, but after reading this I think I will have to pass on them (or at least this one).

  2. nico permalink
    June 13, 2011 8:01 pm

    hey i played it with machuca on wii 2 players.. it was okay… i did fall asleep during one of the levels and when i woke up we were finished with it. the characters are awesome. true. only plus. the story kinda sucked.

    • June 13, 2011 10:15 pm

      haha, you actually fell asleep and still beat the level? that’s ridiculous.

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